Friendly matches for Macerata

A week of friendly matches for Med Store Tunit Macerata, ends tomorrow with the away match at the Palasport Comunale in Ortona against the team of A3, Girone Blu, at 5 pm.

This busy series of tests, which will then continue in the following days with new friendlies, was preceded by an intense phase of physical work to reactivate the players after the summer break. Gianluca Paolorosso, Athletic Trainer of Med Store Tunit Macerata, talks about the first weeks of preparation, “This year we have diversified the preparation work, dividing ourselves between workouts in the gym, those on the beach and in the pool and finally those at the Banca Macerata Forum. We took particular care of the heavy physical loads and tried to prepare the players for jumping to get them closer to the sessions in the gym and then on the playing field. Surely the first few weeks were intense, since after the last one in which the team is busy with several friendlies, we will start training following the same rhythms that we will have during the championship “. How did you prepare during this series of tests and what indications are they giving you? “Despite the several close matches we have continued to train hard, it is therefore normal that the team suffers from fatigue, also we work with a group that has been largely renewed and it needs time to find the right harmony. However, these first tests have left us good impressions, we are moving towards a phase of preparation where we will decrease the volume of workloads, we will focus more on intensity and we will try to give more brilliance to the boys, we have seen that some are further ahead, others , even for their physical structure, they need more time to get into condition ”. Speaking of the new group, Med Store Tunit welcomes several young people this year too, some of them having their first experience with Serie A volleyball, how are they reacting in recent weeks? “I saw a very positive impact, they are reacting well, both on the mental level where they showed the right attitude to work in training, and on the physical and technical one. Even in the friendlies they have found space, demonstrating that they know how to hold the field against more experienced opponents, they have the potential to grow a lot during the season and can be an asset for the team ”.