Grottoli from Portomaggiore to Bologna

Geetit Bologna increases the degree of difficulty of the choices of coach Marzola who sees at his disposal a very varied middle blockers department.
To the precedents already announced, the face of Lorenzo Grottoli is added.
The 2000 class of Ravenna had already participated in the A3 championship under the guidance of Marco Marzola and now follows the technician also in Bologna.
Having grown up in Ravenna, he made his debut in A1 with Robur on April 14, 2021 for the match against Vibo: a springboard for a set played entirely against Piacenza.
Young age, experience and understanding with some teammates who fought with the colors of PortoMaggiore last season: an important addition to create a good balance between young and experienced players!

Lorenzo Grottoli: “Playing in Bologna is a further step for me: I remain in the category and I do it in a team with good ambitions and a competitive roster. I think I can give reliability, dedication and be a good binder for the group.
I chose to “follow” the staff and some players with whom I spent last season in Portomaggiore first of all for the coaches whose approach to studying competitions and opponents is very much admired, from which great experience emerges, then find companions with whom I I am always happy with it is certainly a great added value. The choice of Bologna was also influenced by my studies since in October I will graduate from the three-year degree in Motor Sciences in Bologna and will then continue with the Master’s, precisely at the Alma Mater.
I conclude with a greeting to all our fans who I hope to see soon in the gym !!