Lube at work, Blengini’s point

Athletic preparation at the start for the Italian champions of Cucine Lube Civitanova. The 2022/23 season opened this morning at 9.30 with the official meeting at the Eurosuole Forum for the delivery of technical material and medical examinations. In the afternoon, after the opening speeches by head coach Chicco Blengini and trainer Max Merazzi, a small group of athletes underwent their first training session in the weight room with the full technical staff.

Chicco Blengini: “We want to restore an adequate athletic condition to those who worked individually and did not train with the national teams during the summer. So that when those who face the World Cup return, the group will have a homogeneous level of preparation. The first phase will be based on physical preparation. What little we will do with the ball is linked to objectives of a technical, analytical, individual nature. Being at the helm of the Lube is always nice and gives great stimuli, but now I have to be objective! The Club wants to open a new cycle with the addition of young talents, an idea expressed by the owners even before winning the third consecutive Scudetto! We are not the team to beat! The forecasts indicate Perugia, Trento, Piacenza and Modena as favorites. A ‘different’ and very tough championship awaits us. In the first round we will suffer because the emerging players progress over time. I will be presumptuous, but I still believe that in the end we will play it! We will have to grit our teeth to be competitive at the Play Offs! ”.