Mati Pardo with Brugherio

The enfant prodige Pardo Mati is ready to lay the foundations of his career by making his debut in the Serie A3 Credem Banca championship where he will wear the Brugherio jersey for the 2022/23 season, becoming the youngest player of the entire series. A3.

Multifaceted and undisputed talent, Pardo has resisted the lure of all the most important clubs in Italy by choosing and fully embracing the Diavoli Rosa project, a player on which Brugherio’s technical direction has set up a path of absolute prestige that passes from the youth to culminate in Serie A where, under the guidance of coach Durand, he will play the central role.

Coming from Invicta Volleyball Grosseto, the club where he grew up so far, Pardo has proven to be a champion. Italy’s best opponent to the trophy of the regions and best central in Europe, with the Italian junior national team, along with many of the faces that will be his teammates next year both in the youth teams and in Serie A, he has recently also won the title of European Champion.

This is the profile of Pardo Mati to which we warmly welcome all the Pink Devils. He will be entrusted with the role of central in Serie A and that of great protagonist of our youth teams.

The first statements of Pardo in rosanero: “When I was informed of my presence in Serie A with Diavoli, I was happily surprised by the opportunity and the trust that the club gave me. I’ve been following the Devils for years and I’ve always dreamed of joining this group, I’m sure we will work well together and I’m ready to reach other important goals with them. I love to win and I will do everything together with my teammates to achieve the maximum possible results. It will be a year of growth and innovation for me but I am sure I am in the right place to test myself and I know I have an important staff with whom I can’t wait to work. It will be a very challenging step but I can’t wait to take it to try to raise the bar, aware that being the youngest I can only learn from my teammates and I hope to help them in any way during the year. I will always be present and ready to support everyone and together we will fight to maintain the category and take away great satisfaction ”.