Matteo Maiocchi in Santa Croce

The new hitter of Kemas Lamipel S. Croce comes from the Superlega, Allianz Milano. Matteo Maiocchi is born in 1998, 191 cm tall, born in Milan and raised in the “cantera” of Diavoli Rosa Brugherio, which at the moment is the most “in” in Italy after the victory in the Junior League 2022. Five years in B with the “pink” colors, lots of tokens in the youth national teams, then the move to Cantù, 2019-20: first season in A2 interrupted for Covid 19 but with 18 races and 63 sets, 171 total points. In the next championship, the move to Reggio Emilia. Season of consecration, 216 points in 22 games, and jump to Superlega, in the ranks of a “big” like Allianz Milano, the dream team, followed since childhood at the Pala Lido. Definitely less time than the two previous years, but an enviable growth path alongside great champions and with a coach like Claudio Piazza. A balanced player, valid in second-row fundamentals, this is Kemas Lamipel’s third “hit” of the market after the opposite Motzo and the central Mattei.