Matteo Sperandio still with Delta Group Porto Viro

A Porto Viro dal 2019, Matteo Sperandio vuole tornare protagonista nel campionato di A2 dopo una stagione tormentata dai problemi fisici

Fourth year of marriage between Delta Group Porto Viro and Matteo Sperandio. The Treviso plant, born in 1992, 200 centimeters high, has now become the backbone of the nerofucsia project, even off the pitch, given the role of marketing manager of the company. The renewal has practically never been in question, but, after having been in the pits for almost the entire season, Sperandio wants to get some dust off his shoulders and go back to being a leading actor in Serie A2 Credem Banca, the category in which he took away the best satisfactions of his career, including a promotion to Superlega in 2016, when he was in Sora.

“I thank the club, and in particular the President and the Sports Director, who year after year make me feel more and more involved in the Delta Volley project, both as an athlete and as a manager – says Sperandio – Thanks also to coach Battocchio for the trust and esteem that he immediately transmitted to me, his appreciation is important. I have been working hard these weeks and will continue to do so throughout the summer, I hope to be able to leave my injury behind and finally be available to the team for the whole season, I want to help my teammates to achieve all the goals set by the club “.

Still in the preparation phase due to an annoying knee problem, Sperandio managed to return only at the end of the regular season 2021/2022, but his presence on the field in the last two games was fundamental for the salvation of the Delta Group: “I I suffered a lot from being out, especially when the team was in trouble and I couldn’t help my teammates, except with words. The satisfaction of the salvation, however, was priceless, for me it is worth more than the victory of a championship. I played the last two games in precarious conditions, but it took me a lot, a lot of heart, as perhaps I haven’t had in some time, because I strongly believed and wanted this result. I think that this difficult first season has done us ‘good’ in many respects, we understood that A2 is a tough category, the forces on the field are balanced and all the teams give you a hard time, so the bar of the ‘attention must always be kept very high, both during preparation and during the season we must take care of the details as best as possible ”.