Pierpalumbo with the team

Pierpaolo Piedepalumbo

Some loves do not end, but they make turns along the whole boot and then inexorably return to the base. This is the case of Pierpaolo Piedepalumbo, who after 13 years of tireless wandering, decided to return to the Sorrentine Peninsula to train with Gianpio Aprea a pair of top-level setters for the category. A sporty but also familiar choice, given that in October he will get married with his Sara.

Sorrentino doc. You took your first steps in Wr Sorrento’s youth team: after so much wandering around Italy, what effect does it have on you to return to your city that has earned Serie A on the pitch with so many sacrifices?

“I honestly haven’t had time to digest all this yet! I can certainly say that I am very happy, because being able to represent my city in such an important category as Serie A is a source of great pride for me. ”

How did the negotiations for your return to the coast start?

“In the past there had already been several contacts with sports director Ruggiero, and this year I made my assessments by deciding to marry the project by Folgore Massa. I had a strong desire to go home because in October I will marry Sara, and therefore I jumped at the ball to combine sporting interests with personal ones “.

Together with Gianpio Aprea, Folgore will have a strong and reliable pair of setters. What is the relationship between you, and to what extent will your sense of belonging be an added value for the Folgore?

“I know Gianpio, having followed his career even before his return to the base, and there is a friendly relationship with him. Being both from the Sorrento Peninsula is fundamental, both to transmit the values ​​linked to these colors to new teammates, and to establish a frank and sincere relationship with the fans that have always been the strength of this team “.

Many new faces, and the right mix of youth and experience. What goals are you setting for this year?

“I am ready to put my experience at the service of the team, aiming to achieve the goals that the club has set itself”.

In the last 2 years you have played in Lamezia with a former Thunderbolt like Palmeri: did you talk to him, did he tell you any anecdotes?

“I know Michael very well, having played with him before Lamezia, so I also take this opportunity to say goodbye! We got in touch, but he didn’t reveal anything special to me, only that he had a great time during his experience in green-and-white. “