Pietro Margutti extended

Among the many innovations in view of the 2022/2023 season, also important confirmations in the red and white home, such as the spiker Margutti, now a central element of the team that will be led by coach Gulinelli. The spiker born in 1998 grew up in Ravenna, where he followed the process in the youth teams up to A1, then the move to Rome in A2; a category that he maintained in his experiences in Brescia and Gioia del Colle, before wearing the San Donà di Piave jersey in A3. This will be the third season with Med Store Tunit, with which he played top championships and will restart with renewed ambition.

“I’m happy with the confirmation, the project behind this club convinced me”, explains Margutti, “A team is built over the years, maintaining a group over time is certainly an added value and demonstrates that the ambitions of clubs go beyond the simple seasonal result. There is a desire to build something important and lasting “. Med Store Tunit restarts from a hard core of confirmations but also from various innovations, “Many things have changed, starting from the working method and preparation, with the new coach Gulinelli. The club is continuing to grow, with the desire to become even more important in Serie A, and the roster has also been enriched: I know the new players, I have played against them on various occasions and I am happy with the return of Pizzichini who was also mine. roommate. Surely this year we will have a much more aggressive team, we will have to be good, with the help of coach Gulinelli, to drive this determination to strengthen the team and have one more weapon than last year. There are several A3 level formations, it will be a balanced championship but we are there, we will play it with everyone as always ”.