Puliti extended with Garlasco

Ph Roberto Peli

At the Volley 2001 Garlasco home the confirmations for the squad of the next Serie A3 begin and the first name could only be that of Leonardo Puliti.

The hammer born in 1991 is confirmed for his second season in the team of coach Bertini, after that with experience, technique and determination he was able to become one of the symbolic faces of the salvation conquered by Garlasco as a freshman in Serie A.

Puliti comments on the season just ended: “For a newly promoted, the first season in Serie A3 is not a walk in the park: we find ourselves having to set up a team in a short time, with the need to raise the staff level to adapt to the new category. As often happens, the results may find it hard to arrive, especially at the beginning of the championship. Taking stock of the season ended, we can only be happy to have maintained the category and to have closed the championship with increasing performances ”.

After one season, another opens and the goal of Volley 2001 is to grow and gradually become one of the excellences of national volleyball, and it is with this spirit that the Terni spiker comments: “Personally I am very happy to stay for the 2022/2023 season. The company is demonstrating that it is aware of its potential and of what it can achieve for this square and this area. I am therefore very motivated to be able to give my contribution to the realization of this important project. Added to this is the fact that, in this moment so delicate and full of changes in my extra-sporting life, Garlasco has become a point of reference for me and I feel lucky for this “.

The confirmation of the spiker from Terni, who boasts five seasons between Serie A1 and A2, therefore becomes an important factor of continuity and quality to look forward to next season with enthusiasm: “I can’t wait to get back to work in the gym – concludes Leonardo – to see the old teammates and get to know the new faces of this 2001 Garlasco Volleyball! ”.