Sabaudia is ready

In Sabaudia now there are only the days to the restart of the men’s volleyball championship series A3. Sabaudia Volleyball will resume its adventure with the debut away from home next Sunday with Tuscania, the Lazio derby that will open the new season: it will be a very special restart because the derby of the last championship, on the last day, had given to the team coach Marco Saccucci qualification for the play-off promotion at the end of a run-up to leave you breathless. At the Antonio Vitaletti sports hall in via Conte Verde, training has continued unabated in recent months, a program managed by the Pontino technician with the support of his collaborators under the watchful eye of the vice president Lino Capriglione and the other managers of the Club.

On the court there is all the determination of Nunzio Meglio, free class 2001 originally from Sora, a product of Lazio volleyball who is about to start his third season in Sabaudia. “The preparation was intense and I felt good throughout this phase which I usually experience as an excellent preparation for the championship and also as an opportunity to get to know the rest of the team – explains the free, 180 cm tall – The team is very grown up and I can say that, from my point of view, there have been some excellent renewals for this season in which I trust a lot: we must continue to work hard so that this can be a championship that can lead us to achieve better results, we are a good group assorted and this is very important ».

There are a few days left before the first official whistle of the A3 series, with Sabaudia being included in the blue group. “I really think it can be an excellent season for us, we are very determined – continues Nunzio Meglio – on a personal level I feel ready to face this championship start and above all I am ready to face it more loaded than ever. What player have I become? It’s hard to say for me, it’s my coaches and my teammates who judge and show my strengths, being a person who is not easily satisfied, I will have to continue to train hard to improve all my potential ».