Sieco Service Ortona inked Andrea Bulfon

The opposite 22/23 of the Sieco Service Impavida Ortona? He will have talent, desire, determination and above all a deadly blow and if from the description you seem to know him, you are right because it is a confirmation. Sieco offers the keys to zone two to Andrea Bulfon who enthusiastically accepts the offer.

Born in 1996 with a height of 198 centimeters, the opposite from Trieste takes his first steps in the world of volleyball in his own Trieste. However, Andrea’s are, with all evidence, giant steps because the young athlete is immediately noticed by Lube from Macerata who wants him for his Under sector. However, Bulfon’s talent is such that he was loaned to Paoloni Appignano to compete in his first national championship. Specifically, it is Series B1. In the same season, “Bulfo” wins an Under 19 Scudetto with Macerata.

The following year, Lube Macerata gave Andrea Bulfon a dream called Superlega, even winning the Scudetto. In the same year, again in Macerata but with the Under 20 team, Andrea can add a silver medal to his game bag at the national finals of the category.

For the 2015/2016 championship Bulfon meets Serie A2 with Materdomini from Castellana Grotte. Later he will play in Alessano (Serie A2) and then “shake hands” in Abruzzo volleyball playing for Blue Italy Pineto in Serie B, for two seasons, 17/18 and 18/19. Andrea Bulfon’s first experience in Serie A3 also arrives. For the 2019/2020 championship he wears the Gibam Fano jersey. Meanwhile, Pineto finds his way to the A3 Series and Bulfon returns to the Adriatic coast. Bad luck, however, puts a hand in it and, in a pre-season match, the strong opposite of Trieste is forced to a long stop. The rehabilitation will keep Andrea away from the field until the new year. In the meantime, Pineto had to find a replacement and so Bulfon marries the Wolves of Santa Croce.