Simone Baldari is a white and blue player. The spiker born in 1998 has married the ABBA Pineto Volley project and will be available to coach Tomasello for next season. Profile of a high lineage, raised in the youth sector of Lube Macerata, with many Serie B championships behind him and three championships in A2 with Aurispa Alessano, Sigma Aversa and Pag Taviano. In the 2020/21 season with Leo Shoes Casarano, he won promotion to Serie A3 by winning the playoffs against San Giustino, while in the last season in Serie A3, always with the Salento shirt, the dream was shattered in the play off semifinal against Prata. The Galatina volleyball player scored 403 points last season.

Despite being a Business Developer in a consulting company, the new place in Quattro Pinetese has the firm intention of returning to A2 to try to prove their worth and, why not, dream of the top flight together. An ambitious, motivated profile that has chosen to embrace the Pinetese cause, strongly desired by the company.