Vincenzo Mosca is ready

Vincenzo Mosca

Once again he will put all his experience at the service of the team. Also this season Vincenzo Mosca will be part of the Folgore Massa staff playing the delicate role of team manager!

Also this year you will hold the position of team manager: how important is the trust of the company to work well in such a delicate role?

“To be honest, the best thing was that the company never told me about reconfirmation. He took everything for granted, and this can be considered the best certificate of esteem I could receive. When both parties perceive the same trust, there is no need for any speech to be made, other than to start the work aimed at planning the future as soon as possible ”.

La Folgore represents a young reality in the world of professionals: what were the most complex issues to manage in order to comply with the obligations imposed by the League?

“This was the first year in which I also dealt with all the bureaucratic part, relating to both the registration and the memberships for Serie A. For me, who are now used to moving in this field, there has been no problem, although certain aspects imposed by the League are clearly different from those normally prescribed by Fipav ”

With a year of experience on your shoulders, what are the aspects on which to improve in the season that is about to begin?

“We assume that every year, at any level, there is always something to improve because it would be too easy to do the simple task they assign you. We keep things to improve well in our minds, and with the experience we have accumulated we know very well where to intervene. The possibility of playing in Sorrento thrills us, but at the same time charges us with a huge responsibility because everything must be perfect ”.

Revolutionized group: how important will it be to find the right amalgam immediately?

“Right from the start I endorsed the choice of director Ruggiero to close a cycle and reopen a new one. We are aware that the amalgamation will be fundamental, but I am not afraid of this aspect because in the group there are many professionals who will be an example to the youngest of the group and the boys of our youth sector. With the return to Sorrento we aim to create the right harmony not only between the team, technical and managerial staff but also between all these components and professionals, fans and our members ”.