Welcome David Umek

Almost 500 points in the last season in A3 with Volley Torino (475 to be precise) are the visiting card with which the third addition of the Volley Team Club is presented in San Donà. David Umek, born in Trieste in 1998, is the new opposite of the training coached by Mister Tofoli. After having faced him and appreciated him as an opponent in the last championship David will be part of the Sandonatese roster for next season.

Hi David, welcome to the VTC. Can you tell us a little about your career ?.

“I started playing volleyball in Coselli Trieste where I did all the youth stages playing in Serie D and C. Then I did two years in Serie B at the Sloga also in Trieste. After high school I took the opportunity to go to play in A2 and I went to Puglia in Alessano. The following year I played in Modica in A3 and last year in Bergamo again in A2. This year just ended I played in Turin “.

Are you inspired by any particular player? If so, which one and why him?

“I am not inspired by any player in particular in volleyball, but I am a huge NBA basketball fan and if I had to tell you a source of inspiration I would certainly mention Michael Jordan both for his mentality in the game and for the attitude he had in training”.

In Turin it was not an easy year but you scored almost 500 points. What do you bring with you from this experience?

“Yes, it hasn’t been an easy year at all especially because we have been hit by a lot of bad luck during the season. But we had created a good team group, both among players and staff with whom I have always felt good. that I met during the year has made me grow a lot on a personal level, and it is certainly a great baggage that I will carry with me “.

Why did you choose the Volley Team Club?

“It is a reality that I have known and have followed for years now and I have always heard very well about it. Then I know Mr. Tofoli who trained me in Alessano and he was the first to contact me and convince me of the project.”

What personal goals – and if you want a team as well – are you setting for next season?

“The personal goals for next season are certainly to grow further on a technical level and to have a high-level season. As a team, on the other hand, I always aim as high as possible and the playoffs are the starting point”.

We can’t wait to see you at work David, we are happy to have you with us!