“You Are The Team” brand new campaign for Tonno Callipo

“You are the team” is the slogan that Tonno Callipo Volley has chosen to address the fans directly in view of the next Serie A2 Championship which promises to be exciting and competitive. A way to attract the attention of each individual supporter who, through their contribution, becomes an active part of a sports and social project fueled by the passion for volleyball and by sharing the same values. In other words, the team without its supporters would have no reason to exist.

Thus, while the 2022/2023 edition roster continues to work hard in the gym to be ready for the debut on Sunday 9 October, the Company of President Pippo Callipo turns the spotlight on its audience by encouraging it to respond present during the new season that has as its the declared goal is the conquest of the category jump. And again, it urges us to remain united in order to achieve the established goals. Developing a sense of belonging is a dynamic process that can only work if cohesion, like an invisible thread, is able to bind the individual protagonists of the story to the point of forming a whole.

For the creation of the visual, directly from Callipo Group marketing office and which now stands out in various strategic points of the city and neighboring countries, several faces have been selected, which symbolize the many fans of the team. The graphics were technically built with the fragmentation of many images that together build a single face and communicate inclusiveness and a sense of belonging. The goal is to arouse curiosity and induce fans to interpret the visual. The message does not have to be the same for everyone precisely because feeling part of a team has different meanings for each of us.