Cantù and Opificio Cattaneo together

Here we are ready to reveal to you, two weeks before the start of the championship, the close collaboration signed with Opificio Cattaneo.

“Their mission has always been to combine Tradition and Modernity and it is precisely in this union that it was almost natural to develop this project with Simone Cattaneo and his micro-liqueur factory” says our Marketing Manager, Giovanni Indorato, who followed this project step by step.

“Everything was born from the close contact of one of our historical partners and friends like Mabu Café for the creation of the special ‘Man of the Match’ prizes for the best in the field in Libertas home matches. Simone (Cattaneo, ed.) Was immediately enthusiastic about my ideas, to the point that in recent months we have been given a truly unique and rare opportunity: a dedicated recipe and an ad hoc bottle that we are pleased to enjoy. to present to the public as ‘L’Amaro dell’Ape – Elisir # 100x100CuoreCanturino’ adds Giovanni.

“I studied a unique recipe for Cantù that is truly tailor-made for them. An Amaro that we can almost define an Elixir, sweet but strong. A ‘fake’ pleasant bitter for everyone, with an aftertaste of mint and honey with a slight hint of Rum. For me it is a pleasure and an honor to be able to contribute something of my own and made with my hands to the new 2022-23 season of the Pool Libertas Cantù, wishing him a great championship on and off the field ”says the owner of Opificio Cattaneo.