Alessandro Arienti back to Ortona

The last time Alessandro Arienti wore the green-and-white shirt he was at the Banca Macerata Forum and was celebrating his promotion to Serie A2 after having already won and dominated the regular season. Path similar to the one achieved in the season just ended. In fact, with Ortona’s shirt, “Ario” won the championship and then the playoffs. The third promotion in five seasons (without considering the dominance with Grottazzolina interrupted due to the pandemic which would take it to 4 in 5 years) In short, one who knows the category fairly well and who today has chosen to return to wearing the green-and-white colors :” Well as they usually say: “you always go back to where you had a good time”. In the 2020/2021 season that I spent there, I always felt at home. When the chance to return came this year, it wasn’t hard for me to accept. Also followed by the fact that the company’s project is ambitious and stimulating”.