Brunetti still with Geetit

The second year in the Geetit shirt for the free class of ’95 Davide Brunetti is starting.
After a season to forget, marked by a heavy achilles tendon injury during the preseason, the second-row player is ready for a new challenge in the shadow of the two towers with a great desire to prove his worth to the city of Bologna: “I decided to stay for two reasons: the first, to give a sense of continuity to the work started with Coach Marzola two years ago, given that last year I inevitably failed, the second, to fill a sense of unfinished due to having had to interrupt the season practically immediately and having only played the last few games in the final”.

Product of the youth team of the Vero Volley Consortium, with which he undertook his growth path starting from the Under 14, the free player from Brianza spent most of his career in Lombardy before moving to Emilia, where, after a season in Portomaggiore, he espoused the Bolognese cause.

A solid confirmation therefore for Bologna, which immediately expressed the desire to continue defending the second line together with Brunetti, in a competitive championship and within an almost totally renewed team compared to the past year:

“I expect a particular season. The teams have renewed a lot and there will be a lot of effort right away, but equally a very interesting season especially for the team we are building. It will be a new team, so we will have to do our best to create mechanisms that maybe teams that have renewed less staff will not have to do. We work well with Marco (Marzola n.d.), proof of the fact that last year too, despite a complicated season in several respects, we managed to find a good result”.