Facing powerhouse Perugia

The world champions of Sir Safety Susa Perugia are arriving at the PalaMazzola on Sunday at 18: Gioiella Prisma Taranto will be called to a monstrous performance to be able to win salvation points, now 6 left available between this and the match that will follow in that Milan. Last regular season housewife therefore, last chance for the Taranto public to participate in the fight for salvation within the friendly walls.

For the occasion, President Bongiovanni’s club has re-proposed the facilitation of the single ticket for 7 euros, giving the fans the opportunity to access a match against a real battleship playing a stellar volleyball, and join the athletes in an magic to push them, why not, to victory.

If up to a week ago, hypothesizing a victory against Sir could have been almost a paradox, today it is no longer the case: the Perugini lost the semi-final of the Coppa Italia against Piacenza last Saturday, after winning the season a month early, winning 33 wins, 99 sets won, 59 points out of 60 in Superleague.

Therefore today taking every result into consideration, even against Perugia, and above all with the motivations and the “hunger” that drive the Ionian team in these last two matches, is no longer a distant mistake, above all if one also thinks back to how the match went gone .

At the PalaBarton last December Sir Safety Susa had the better of four sets but the Taranto players played it point by point against the leaders.

The Gioiella Prisma Taranto came out with her head held high, touching the tie break, in a fourth set concluded with excited and heart-pounding actions.

Perugia prevailed 3-1 with a truly spectacular game, but the rossoblù held their own without ever giving up, protagonists throughout the match with well-matched shots and acrobatic defenses. In the third set they reopened the contest with a determined and concrete game but it wasn’t enough against a ruthless leaders who left nothing behind: despite suffering Sir Safety Susa managed to get the better of the Ionian closing the fourth set 25-23. Good turnover made by coach Di Pinto then with the entries of Gargiulo (8 points) and Cottarelli, as well as a truly convincing performance by Loeppky who closed with 18 points, the same as the opposite of Sir Rychlicki who together with Leon decided the fate of the ‘encounter.

A knockout that left a bitter taste in the mouth, but today it brings a lot of awareness, in light of the excellent performance against a real battleship that had never lost before the recent defeat in the Italian Cup.