First place in Pool D, Trento to Quarters

Mission perfectly completed in Belgium for Trentino Itas. This evening at Tomabel Hal in Roeselare, the Gialloblù team defeated the hosts of Decospan Vt Menen 3-0 without particular problems, finding their first victory in the 2023 calendar year, the fifth in as many matches played in Pool D of 2023 CEV Champions League, which also holds the final primacy of the group and therefore the direct qualification for the quarter-finals of the tournament. The affirmation obtained only at the tie break by Kedzierzyn-Kozle a few hours earlier in the Czech Republic against Karlovarsko, had in fact offered a great opportunity to Lorenzetti’s team, who immediately seized it to end the speech early.
Today’s match in Flanders, faced without Captain Kaziyski (remained in Trento to carry out a differentiated program in view of the next important commitments and replaced in this role by Podrascanin), did not hold any big surprises, confirming the values ​​that had already emerged in the match d first leg, also won in three sets at the BLM Group Arena two months earlier. Also in that circumstance Lorenzetti had applied a large turnover, a choice successfully made even today; in particular, the idea of ​​betting strongly on Nelli’s physicality proved to be a winning one, who repaid the coach with a monstrous performance: 19 points, with two blocks and a sensational 17 out of 19 (89%!) at the net, with only one error in the serve and a block immediately. With the contribution guaranteed by the Tuscan (who thus repeated the mvp award already obtained in Trento against the same opponent), the task to complete has become easier, also because Džavoronok was ready to back up the number 2 (11 with 62%), Michieletto (9 with 60%) and the “prophet in his homeland” D’Heer (60% with 2 walls).

Decospan Vt Menen-Trentino Itas 0-3
(15-25, 19-25, 16-25)
DECOSPAN VT: Hänninen 6, Sinnesael 4, Van Hoyweghen 1, Capet 9, Van de Velde 3, Kindt 8, Stuer (L); Vanneste, Dermaux 3, Ocket. Neither. Dedeyne, Bille. Coach Frank Depestele.
TRENTINO ITAS: D’Heer 5, Nelli 19, Džavoronok 11, Podrascanin 4, Sbertoli 4, Michieletto 9, Laurenzano (L); Pace (L), Lisinac 3. N.e. Cavuto, Berger, Depalma, Lavia. Herd Angelo Lorenzetti.
REFEREES: Muha from Zagreb (Croatia) and Kaiser from Paris (France).
SET DURATION: 23′, 23′, 20′; total 1h and 5′.
NOTES: 1,100 spectators. Decospan Vt: 5 blocks, 1 ace, 12 serving errors, 7 action errors, 39% in attack, 43% (25%) in reception. Trentino Itas: 5 blocks, 5 aces, 13 serve errors, 3 play errors, 71% in attack, 75% (45%) in reception. MVP Nellie.