The journey together continues. Volley Savigliano is pleased to announce that also in the 2023/24 football season Paolo Rabbia will compose the free team tandem available to coach Lorenzo Simeon, engaged in Serie A3 Credem Banca.

Therefore, the journey started together from far away continues. “Paolino” has in fact been synonymous with volleyball in Savigliano in recent years. Born in 1997, the boy from the “cantera” has always worn the white and blue shirt and has been a witness and protagonist of all the main successes in the company’s history. He was there when Savigliano won Serie C in 2016 and was also present when, in 2021, the group then led by coach Bonifetto completed a five-year journey in Serie B, winning the playoffs for Serie A3.

After two seasons in the third series, therefore, here is the third, which Rabbia is preparing to experience after having specialized in the defensive phase, which has become his strong point.

“The decision to stay was quite simple, also because I had never had any doubts about wanting to continue on the path taken last season. The biggest challenge will be to confirm us, even if it is still very early to be able to make predictions, because the rosters are still under construction” – his first words after the confirmation.

All of Volley Savigliano wishes Paolo to be able to take away many more satisfactions in white and blue, starting from the sports season that we can’t wait to start together. Come on Savian!