Parma well deserved Playoffs

WiMORE Parma has resumed training between sessions in the weight room at the Training Center and in the gym at PalaRaschi in view of Game 1 of the Round of 16 of the Serie A3 Promotion Play Offs Credem Banca which will be played in exactly one week, Wednesday 12 April at 8.30 pm , at home against Med Store Tunit Macerata, placed on the last step of the podium in the Regular Season. The players from the Marches, beaten in both previous championship games, certainly represent a challenging obstacle for coach Andrea Codeluppi’s men who, however, obtained the same number of points in the second round (26, with nine wins and only four defeats) resulting the third best team behind the two battleships Pineto and Fano. A positive and, in some ways, unexpected performance also applauded by the sporting director Alessandro Grossi, one of the main architects of the over the top journey made by the gialloblù freshman on his debut in the category and which allowed a “historic” square like Parma to hit once again the Play Offs in a men’s Serie A volleyball after twenty-one years since the last time (2001/2002 season in A1 at the time of the Maxicono eliminated in the Semifinal Scudetto by Treviso). “It has been a path of continuous and constant growth, in the second round we absolutely deserved to be able to enter the lot of teams that qualified for the Play Offs. We made a second round with nine victories in thirteen matches, undoubtedly the team deserved this result and the enthusiasm of having brought Parma back to the Play Offs is remarkable”.