Roscio still in Fano

The Vigilar branded “made in Fano” cannot fail to ignore the confirmation of the legendary “Roscio”, from Fano doc, who will sit on the bench for the fourth consecutive year covering the invaluable role of assistant coach: “Apart from the satisfaction with the renewal – begins Simone Roscini – this will be the fourth consecutive year for me and I want to say that the seasons have gradually improved, i.e. from the playoffs won to the finals of last season, this bodes well for the year to come ”.

A past season which, in Roscio’s opinion, was nonetheless exciting: “Absolutely, a pity about the finale………my renewal is also linked to the firm will to do better and from what I can guess the enthusiasm is already at a thousand ”.

However, Roscio does not even hide the emotion of being able to be alongside Paolo Tofoli and make a great contribution to the cause of Virtussina: “Paolo is a friend, we have known each other for a lifetime and I am proud to say that we have played together. This gives me a crazy boost and the belief that work will be much easier in the gym”. Still on the subject of Paolo Tofoli, Simone Roscini pulls a sensational anecdote out of his hat: “If you think of Tofoli’s Palmares, the chills come. But I would like to proudly underline that in 1979, when we won the national title with the Nuti School at the Youth Games, Paolo was still small and I, on the other hand, was even the captain of that team. Well – concludes Roscio with a smile – it was the only moment in which I managed to be worth more than him”.