Serie A2? Will be a dream

Un primo piano del centrale Augusto Quarta

Second season for Augusto Quarta with the ErmGroup San Giustino shirt. The Bolognese centre-back, born in 1993 and 2 meters tall, was already a certainty for the white and blue team, having a two-year contract, but this does not overshadow the enthusiasm with which he is preparing to face the new adventure. In the past Serie A3 championship Credem Banca was one of the pillars of Marco Bartolini’s team for continuity of performance, able to grit his teeth even when some physical problems arose. For Quarta the numbers speak clearly: first in the performance ranking of the central players in A3, 26 matches and 96 sets played; 242 points in total, also including 10 aces; 275 attacks overall, of which 152 hit, which means 55.3% of positivity and then his main dish, i.e. the 80 winning blocks, which place him in second place overall in the special ranking of this fundamental. “I had a great time in San Giustino – declared Quarta – and I said “yes” to the biennial report for the trust placed in the company’s project: I want to help bring ErmGroup to A2 and I appreciate the efforts being made to set up a more competitive workforce. The market operations completed and those still in progress are exceptional, as they can allow us to raise the bar of objectives: if last year the play-offs were a welcome possibility, this time they become the minimum goal to be achieved. I’m sure we’ll give everyone a hard time and going up to A2 would be really nice”. Not forgetting the good year at the first experience of San Giustino in A3. “We played a quiet championship, keeping the relegation zone at a safe distance and saving ourselves a good month in advance. Compared to the goal set, we traveled above and in the end that pinch of bitterness for the faded play-offs took over “. Physically, is everything OK now? “I would say yes: indeed, I am very well. I continue to work in the gym and I won’t stop during the long summer break, because I want to arrive in the best conditions at the beginning of my training. The foundation you build in the summer proves to be invaluable when the important appointments arrive”.