He has grown a lot in his role as setter since his arrival in San Giustino, in a season that ErmGroup is leading at high levels, despite the swings in the Blue Group of Serie A3 Credem Banca rankings which, after the 2-3 home draw of Plus Volleyball Sabaudia, saw the biancazzurri drop from second to fourth place. Jacopo Biffi was the protagonist of positive performances, ultimately accompanied by particular effectiveness both on the jump serves, with several aces scored, and on the blocks. A week later, we comment with him on the second home defeat suffered by Bartolini and Monaldi’s team, which went up by just one point, being overtaken by Smartsystem Fano and Rinascita Lagonegro. Any regrets on your part, or did Sabaudia also have its merits? “Both things: there was a bit of regret because we knew that it could have been a fundamental match for the final standings and therefore for our placement in view of the play-offs – replies Biffi – but it’s It’s also true that Sabaudia came to us at an excellent time, she put us in difficulty in the first and fourth sets and in the fifth we both played at a good level. The tie-break, then, is shorter and even two points make the difference. I won’t deny it: there is regret.” In the fourth set, Sabaudia took a risk on serve again and the balls went in. “Yes, even in the second and third they had taken risks and it had gone terribly, while in the fourth they redeemed themselves, so there was little that could be done: at these levels, when the balls arrive very strong from nine metres, it becomes complicated to build a type of game that puts you in difficulty.” You have now dropped to fourth place in the standings and on the horizon is the away match in Palmi against the opponent who impressed more than any other at the San Giustino sports hall. The Calabrians are at -4 and therefore, whatever happens, they will not catch the ErmGroup, but the final placement could be in question until the end, not forgetting the epilogue of the regular season in Fano. Three days that will be very long and intense? “Yes, it’s true. And it is precisely for this reason that we must live day by day, thinking about what awaits us without getting ahead of ourselves. As happened when we went to Tricase, this time too there will be many kilometers to cover: all that remains to be done is to train well and present ourselves in the best conditions, then what will be… will be! The important thing is to have a clear conscience, once you realize that you have given everything.”