He won everyone’s hearts: for his indisputable technical qualities, his left-handed attacks, his winning serves, his calm and coolness in key moments. But also for the proverbial celebrations, to release the scream with the head and body tilted back and the face transfigured by uncontainable joy. Fabio Bisi acted as a true captain during the Belluno Volleyball season.

BITTER SMILE – Even if the elimination from the playoff semi-finals, at the hands of Smartsystem Fano, is still too fresh. And the smile of the opposite native of Modena is veiledly bitter: «There is regret, there is no point in hiding it. We would have liked to conclude this journey in the best possible way. Regrets? Maybe for game 1, because in game 3 we gave everything and the two teams performed at a high level. Virtus, however, had something more than us.”

INCISIVE – In any case, Bisi was one of the most incisive strikers in the entire Serie A3 Credem Banca panorama: «With a clear mind, I evaluate this season in a positive way, also from a personal point of view. I had just come back from a difficult year, characterized by physical problems. So much so that I started the adventure with the fear of getting injured again: instead, everything went smoothly. And this gives me the necessary confidence to understand that I can still play with peace of mind, without the sword of Damocles of further stops.”

FUN – In the new calendar year, Belluno Volley has changed gear. And, after finishing the first round in sixth place, he ended the regular season on the second step of the ranking and passed two rounds of playoffs: «The first half of the championship was tough, the second much more fun. After Christmas we got into gear and grew progressively, until we reached the semi-final: overall, therefore, the season is not to be wasted at all, on the contrary.”

AFFECTION – There is an image that Bisi will carry within himself forever: «In Fano, the fans amazed me once again. There were so many of them and, when we got off the bus near the Palasport Allende, they showered us with affection. It looked like a scene from a professional football team. In general, it was wonderful to travel around Belluno, especially in the last period. Everyone stopped me to say hello or encourage me: from the butcher to the baker. It’s as if the entire community had experienced the playoff games with us.”