The positive season of Cisterna Volley in the regular season, which led the team led by coach Guillermo Falasca to achieve the goal of salvation well in advance and which allowed the Pontini to fight until the end also for access to the play-offs, also brought other interesting notes. In the individual performance rankings, three players stand out who were protagonists in their respective specialties: Faure, Ramon and Nedeljkovic. the French opponent Theo Faure was first in the ranking of points scored, 420 in 22 regular season matches, at an average of 4.94 points per set: Theo has led the rankings practically since the beginning of the season, far behind his pursuers such as Buccheger (407), Lagumdzija (352) and Michieletto (348).

«I am very happy with all the experience gained in this first season in the Super League while at team level we also managed to play for a place in the play-offs until the end even if unfortunately this didn’t happen this year but it was still a good experience, after having achieved salvation – clarifies Faure – For the points classification I can say that I am happy and it is a wonderful personal recognition but which also came for the great work we have done at team level. The important thing is to maintain continuity because now we still have something to play for with this team thanks to the tournament that offers fifth place and for this reason we will have to maintain this continuity.”

Another Cisterna Volley player, Jordi Ramon, was the protagonist in the Aces ranking. The Spaniard scored 39 direct points which allowed him to significantly precede the others: Davyskiba, Semeniuk and Lagumdzija, all with 33 aces, just behind Theo Faure with 30 points from the nine meter line.

There is another Cisterna Volley player who was the protagonist in the individual blocking ranking: it is the Serbian central defender Aleksander Nedeljkovic who placed himself in second position with 58 winning blocks behind Loser (68) and in front of Simon ( 58) and Podrascanin (51). The Serbian specialist was, during the season, also at the top of the rankings, often occupying the first position and, however, always remaining very high. Among the top 20 in this special ranking, for Cisterna, we should also mention Daniele Mazzone, author of an important season so far.