The recently concluded season was the first season with the captain’s rank on his chest for Rok Mozic, who finished his third year with the Rana Verona shirt, further raising his level of leadership and charisma on the pitch. The statistics certify how in some situations the Slovenian spiker established himself as one of the best players in the Super League, finishing in sixth place in terms of number of points scored in the Regular Season (328) and in fourth place in terms of winning attacks, again during the first part of the championship (283).

Overall, the position four born in 2002, fresh from contract extension, was the protagonist in 30 of the 33 matches played by Coach Stoytchev’s team, hitting 378 balls counting all competitions (with a positivity percentage of 48.8% ), of which 138 break points. 329, however, came in the offensive phase, while on 23 occasions he scored from nine metres. Then there are 26 times in which he found a winning block. Furthermore, Mozic also enriched his showcase of MVP awards, obtaining three, curiously all away, against Catania, Monza and Perugia. The contribution on the second line was also valuable, with 116 positive receptions.

The most brilliant performance of the Scaliger captain was recorded during the match on Etna, where he ended up on the scoreboard 30 times, placing 4 point blocks. However, he created the biggest dangers in front of the net, as demonstrated by the 59.5% positivity rate. In Monza’s home, however, he found 25 seals, with 4 aces in total.

Statistics for the 2023/2024 season
Games played: 30
Sets played: 102
Points: 378
Break points: 138
Ace: 23
Winning attacks: 329
Attack percentages: 48.8% positivity
Winning blocks: 26