He has experience and personality, but he will be making his absolute debut in Serie A3: Belluno Volley entrusts one of the two control rooms to Francesco Guizzardi. Born in 1997 in Milan, he has just returned from five seasons in B at Yaka Volley Malnate: one of which was ennobled by the promotion. Even if, in the third series in order of importance, the Lombard setter will only set foot from next October, with the rhinos shirt.

RIGHT PLACE – «I’m joining a solid club, which everyone has spoken well to me about – says the setter -. And I will be part of a very strong team, with important technical values ​​and ambitions. The moment the offer arrived, I didn’t think twice and immediately accepted.” Guizzardi felt the desire to compete in another volleyball and territorial context: «And Belluno, I am convinced, is the right place».

BODY CARE – The twenty-six year old from Milan has very specific characteristics: «I like to play a fast game. Furthermore, to make up for my not very tall height, I try not to neglect the technical sphere in any way, as well as the physical one linked to competitiveness.” A person of great availability and profound education, the setter is particularly keen on taking care of the body: «My whole life is centered on this aspect. I follow very specific studies and try to develop what I have learned through fitness and nutrition. I do it on myself, but also on other people: thanks to my knowledge in this field, I help those interested in achieving certain goals.”

FAR FROM HOME – Guizzardi can’t wait to reach the Dolomites. And going to the net: «The squad set up says a lot about the goals the club intends to achieve. This is why, starting from work in the gym, we will try to be protagonists in a competitive championship in which we will have to face important teams. For my part, I aim to grow and improve: from a sporting point of view. And personal, if it is true that this will be my first experience away from home.”