Valdo makes the point

Since Enzo Valdo is sitting on the bench of Acanto, many things happened in less than one week that made the chances for the team from Mantova to be saved inesorably rising.
They made clear, in the match against Isernia, that they would have never surrended to the opponent, changing the trend they had been following for the whole year 2005.
“The change of mentality is the secret of our change of direction” -Valdo explains – “At the beginning, with an official match every four days, it was impossible to change anything. Until Christmas i could just arrange the matches’ formalities, there was no time to work with the team and let the boys improve their technique. We made something during the temporary transfer, but it was with the pause that the team really improved. It’s not a miracle, and we know we must keep on concentrating for the way is still long to go”. About the team: “They know serie A2 is a tough championship, but they even know they have the technical skills to make it. Now they approach the game differently, they are able to understand it and play it in the best way.” For example? “The organization between block and dig and a increasing certainty made our performance’s level rise. And Milushev is just the end of the process. He has great physical and technical skills, and he can hit 30 right balls if everyone in the team makes his job well. Between them, I wuold like to remember the experience that Mosca has, the precision of Carletti and the tranquillity of the libero Cecchin. About Mitrovic, he is the one that has to work most on technical difficulties. I will always give him a chance.” And now they look forward to Ancona, another important temporary transfer: “We bet a lot, but they do even more”.