Going home with one point, Diaz injured

Acqua Paradiso Gabeca Montichiari – Antonveneta Padova 3-2
(22-25; 25-27; 25-21; 25-18; 15-9)

Acqua Paradiso Gabeca Montichiari: Sala 12, Popp 13, Bojovic 4, Tiberti 1, Veres 16, Howard 12, Ahmed 1, Gavotto 22, Presenti, Mania (L). Coach: Julio Velasco.
Antonveneta Padova: Esko 2, Platenik 19, Tovo 3, Perazzolo 12, Diaz 15, Bontje 9, De Marchi 1, Olli, Garghella (L).Coach: Bruno Bagnoli
REFs: Giani – Zecchini
Length: 1h 59’
MVP: Simone Tiberti

MONTICHIARI (BS). Padova collects one point but Diaz gets injured. On the 12th round early match Antonveneta comes home with one points.

Bruno Bagnoli (Antonveneta Padova coach): “We were superior to them in the first two sets when our physical fitness supported us. Then we slowed down, also due to some mistakes in attack. With Diaz’ injury we slowed down even more. Shame because we could have closed it 3-0″.