Comunicato Stampa della Lega Pallavolo Serie A

Serie A1

Macerata becomes sole leader


Serie A1 round 16

Andreoli Latina-Cucine Lube Banca Marche Macerata 3-2 (25-23, 22-25, 25-16, 20-25, 15-13); Bre Banca Lannutti Cuneo-Itas Diatec Trentino 3-1 (25-20, 16-25, 25-21, 25-22); Casa Modena-Copra Elior Piacenza 1-3 (25-12, 15-25, 22-25, 20-25); BCC-NEP Castellana Grotte-Marmi Lanza Verona 3-0 (25-19, 25-16, 28-26); Altotevere San Giustino-Sir Safety Perugia 3-2 (22-25, 26-24, 28-26, 19-25, 15-13). Giocata sabato: CMC Ravenna-Tonno Callipo Vibo Valentia 0-3 (24-26, 16-25, 19-25)


ALTOTEVERE SAN GIUSTINO – SIR SAFETY PERUGIA 3-2 (22-25, 26-24, 28-26, 19-25, 15-13)  ALTOTEVERE SAN GIUSTINO: Fiore 4, Van Den Dries 3, Mc Kibbin 4, Coali, Cesarini (L), Bohme 7, Mattioli, Torre 1, De Togni 16, Maric 20, Cebulj 18. DNP Guttmann, Lo Bianco. Coach. Fenoglio.


SIR SAFETY PERUGIA: Alletti 13, Van Harskamp 2, Petric 25, Daldello 1, Giovi (L), Tomassetti 10, Schwarz 10, Tamburo 18, Vujevic 8, Edgar 9, Semenzato. DNP Van Rekom, Pochini. Coach. Kovac.


A packed Palakemon arena and a cordial atmosphere hosted the derby of the Umbria region, which was won by the hosts of San Giustino. The Italian National Team coach, Mauro Berruto, was present in the stands.


Slobodan Kovac (coach Sir Safety Perugia): “I was pretty worried to play San Giustino, it’s very tough in this gym. They played better than us, more efficient, they wanted this win at all cost and they got it”.


Marco Fenoglio (coach Altotevere San Giustino): “This is a great victory for us. I am extremely satisfied with the performance of the boys. They played with fighting spirit, character, determination, and composure in the clutch time. This can give us a boost for the end of the season, which should be very intense”.



BRE BANCA LANNUTTI CUNEO – ITAS DIATEC TRENTINO 3-1 (25-20, 16-25, 25-21, 25-22)

BRE BANCA LANNUTTI CUNEO: Antonov 9, Ngapeth 14, De Pandis (L), Wijsmans 15, Kohut 8, Grbic 4, Della Lunga, Sokolov 17, Rossi 1. DNP Marchisio, Galliani, Abdelaziz. Coach. Piazza.


ITAS DIATEC TRENTINO: Kaziyski 15, Sintini, Birarelli 7, Juantorena 9, Vieira De Oliveira 1, Uchikov, Lanza, Djuric 12, Colaci (L), Stokr 18, Bari (L). DNP Valsecchi, Chrtiansky Jr. Coach. Stoytchev.


4600 fans filled the Cuneo gym to witness the victory of their idols over the world champions of Trento.


Roberto Piazza (coach Bre Banca Lannutti Cuneo): “It’s been a complicated game, Trento did not play at its best, it’s possible they still had the Champions League exit in the back of their mind. We did a good job of reacting in the second set and at the beginning of the third. We really played as a team today. As I said before the game, we have to understand who we are and what we want: today we expected a lot of ourselves and we have to keep doing that in future encounters”.


Roberto Serniotti ( Itas Diatec Trentino): “Cuneo deserved to win. This was a totally different team than the one we played earlier this season. Kohut and Grbic have been excellent. Cuneo did well to get back on track when we were a tour best, in the third set”.




BCC-NEP CASTELLANA GROTTE: Paparoni (L), Falaschi 3, Dolfo, Sabbi 22, Ferreira 10, Yosifov 7, Cester 7, Casoli 3. DNP Menzel, Elia, Ricciardello, Ferreira, Krumins. Coach. Gulinelli.


MARMI LANZA VERONA: Kosmina, Ter Horst 8, Gotsev 11, Meoni, Bolla, Pesaresi (L), Gavotto 8, Peacock, Viafara 5, Fedrizzi, De Marchi 9. DNP Rak, Centomo. Coach. Bagnoli.


Second consecutive home win for Castellana Grotte, which gets away from its opponent of the day, Verona, in the league table. The hosts made the most of their lateral attacks with Falaschi, Sabbi and Ferriera. Still, the MVP award goes to Paparoni who registered a superb 81% in reception.


Marco Falaschi (BCC-NEP Castellana Grotte): “This is a crucial victory even if that was against a team that is facing various problems. We did what we had to do, using our minds more than our technique and will to seal the points. We did well for the first two sets but might have thought too soon it was over. They got back in it thanks to some of our mistakes. Still, we managed to contain them at the net and obtained a victory that will help us work fine for the next game”.


Bruno Bagnoli (Marmi Lanza Verona): “We played with a lot of will but we were too tense to be able to get the game to last longer. We do have some physical problems but tonight we had the chance to take the third set and failed to find the attack to get it. We lack composure but we have to keep working to get out of this bad spell in which we have had our fair share of bad luck too. We’d need a win to get the momentum going for us. We’ll try to get it against San Giustino on Sunday”.


CASA MODENA – COPRA ELIOR PIACENZA 1-3 (25-12, 15-25, 22-25, 20-25)

CASA MODENA: Manià (L), Catellani, Sala 4, Deroo 10, Quesque 9, Celitans 7, Casadei 13, Vesely 6, Pinelli, Baranowicz 1, Piscopo 9. DNP Kovacevic. Coach. Lorenzetti.


COPRA ELIOR PIACENZA: Marra (L), Papi 12, Fei 18, Ogurcak, Simon 10, Zlatanov 12, Tencati 6, Maruotti 2, Vettori 1, De Cecco 2. DNP Latelli, Tavana, Corvetta. Coach. Monti.


In front of 4000 fans, Piacenza came away from an injury-troubled Modena with three points at the end of a tight game. The guests made the difference thanks to their blocking and serving. Fei and Simon (MVP) were the main architects.


Angelo Lorenzetti (coach Casa Modena): “We have to understand that this was too high of a level for many of us. To keep up we needed to play with a different aggressiveness. We can’t afford to give points away like we’ve done, we wasted some opportunities in some important moments. Before thinking about the Ravenna game, we’ll need to have a chat between us, we have to focus on our daily routine in the gym”.


Luca Monti (coach Copra Elior Piacenza): “Coming here in Modena and taking all three points is great stuff for us. Our great runs on the serve? We had not had many so far this season but we have to players for it, and today that went in. I think our target can be third or fourth place”.



ANDREOLI LATINA – CUCINE LUBE BANCA MARCHE MACERATA 3-2 (25-23, 22-25, 25-16, 20-25, 15-13)

ANDREOLI LATINA: Rauwerdink 18, Rossini (L), Gitto 13, Sottile 4, Jarosz 24, Patriarca 1, Verhees 12, Troy 1, Noda Blanco 4, Cisolla, Fragkos 4, Guemart. DNP Prandi. Coach. Prandi.


CUCINE LUBE BANCA MARCHE MACERATA: Lampariello, Pajenk 14, Zaytsev 28, Parodi 8, Stankovic 3, Monopoli, Henno (L), Travica 3, Starovic 6, Kooy 9, Podrascanin 3. DNP Tartaglione. Coach. Giuliani.


Three days on, there was yet another great show in Latina’s PalaBianchini arena. Winners in the Golden set against the Germans of Unterhaching on Thursday, Latina added some glory with a victory at the last set again at the expense of the Italian champions. Still, the point taken allows Macerata to become sole leader as Trento was defeated. MVP: Jarosz.


Silvano Prandi (coach Andreoli Latina): “It’s not because we beat Macerata that we can say we’re stronger than them. But in front of this amazing crowd, we had an excellent game. We did well not to lose our confidence when we were trailing. We are now full of confidence. We have to enjoy this victory. This was the only team I had never beaten since I arrived in Latina”.


Alberto Giuliani (coach Cucine Lube Banca Marche Macerata): “Credit to Latina. We took a point and that’s important to us. We had ups and downs, the only disappointment I have is for the fifth set, when we had got back in it a couple of times, only to lose it”.


Played on Saturday:


CMC RAVENNA: Mengozzi 7, Owens 2, Zhukouski 3, Psarras 1, Sirri 4, Tabanelli (L), Mazzotti, Di Franco 6, Zanuto 7, Moro 2, Bellei 13. DNP Radunovic. Coach. Fresa.


TONNO CALLIPO VIBO VALENTIA: Coscione 2, Cortellazzi, Kaliberda 7, Farina (L), Forni 11, Buti 10, Klapwijk 12, Urnaut 13. DNP Montesanti, Lavia, Rocamora, Badawy, Barone. Coach. Blengini.



League table

Cucine Lube Banca Marche Macerata 38, Itas Diatec Trentino 37, Copra Elior Piacenza 34, Bre Banca Lannutti Cuneo 32, Casa Modena 27, Sir Safety Perugia 27, Andreoli Latina 25, Tonno Callipo Vibo Valentia 23, BCC-NEP Castellana Grotte 17, Altotevere San Giustino 13, Marmi Lanza Verona 8, CMC Ravenna 7.



Serie A1 round 17

Saturday February 2 at 5.30pm

Marmi Lanza Verona – Altotevere San Giustino  Live on RAI Sport 1

Saturday February 2 at 8.30pm

Itas Diatec Trentino – Andreoli Latina  Live on

Sunday February 3 at 5.30pm

Copra Elior Piacenza – Bre Banca Lannutti Cuneo  Live on RAI Sport 1

Sunday February 3 at 6pm

Sir Safety Perugia – Cucine Lube Banca Marche Macerata  Live on

Tonno Callipo Vibo Valentia – BCC-NEP Castellana Grotte

In Forlì: CMC Ravenna – Casa Modena



Serie A2

Sora out of the way: Città di Castello stays unbeaten.


Serie A2 round 16: Results

Tonazzo Padova-Coserplast Matera 3-1 (25-16, 25-23, 20-25, 25-11); Globo Banca Pop. Frusinate Sora-Gherardi SVI Città di Castello 1-3 (18-25, 21-25, 25-23, 22-25); Elettrosud Brolo-Conad Reggio Emilia 3-1 (25-22, 25-22, 28-30, 25-17)  Differed on RAI Sport 1 (Tuesday January 29 at 8pm); Vero Volley Monza-B-Chem Golden Plast Potenza Picena 3-0 (25-19, 25-15, 25-22); Pallavolo Loreto-Exprivia Molfetta 1-3 (25-21, 17-25, 19-25, 18-25); Sieco Service Ortona-Sidigas Atripalda 2-3 (25-18, 20-25, 26-24, 17-25, 10-15)

Rested: Caffè Aiello Corigliano


TONAZZO PADOVA – COSERPLAST MATERA 3-1 (25-16, 25-23, 20-25, 25-11)

TONAZZO PADOVA: Vedovotto 13, Volpato 7, Giannotti 16, Balaso (L), Rosso 18, Mattera 4, Garghella, Salgado 11, Maniero 1. DNP Leonardi, Moretti, Pedron. Coach. Schiavon.


COSERPLAST MATERA: Matheus 3, Casulli (L), Percoco, Postiglioni 4, Pinerua 19, Janusek 18, Suglia 7, Corsini 8, Di Tommaso, Rispoli, Gaetano. DNP Berni. Coach. Nacci.




GLOBO BANCA POPOLARE DEL FRUSINATE SORA: Paolucci 1, Marzola 1, Fortunato 4, Mazzone 4, Paris 14, Milushev 15, Patriarca 13, Hendriks 2, Siltala 2, Anzani 5, Romiti (L). DNP Scuderi, Mauti. Coach. Ricci.


GHERARDI SVI CITTà DI CASTELLO: Franceschini, Fromm 16, Grasso, Massari, Visentin 4, Rosalba 8, Piano 14, Van Walle 22, Braga 8, Tosi (L). DNP Carminati, Lensi, Sartoretti. Coach. Radici.



ELETTROSUD BROLO – CONAD REGGIO EMILIA 3-1 (25-22, 25-22, 28-30, 25-17)

ELETTROSUD BROLO: Buzzelli, Blasi 1, Sesto 12, Ruiz 12, Scolaro (L), Pereyra 26, Cavanna 1, Paoli 10, Capra, Mengozzi 13, Ciabattini (L). DNP Ricci, Ferraro. Coach. Tofoli.


CONAD REGGIO EMILIA: Luppi 14, Grassano 6, Orduna 1, Goi (L), Tondo 15, Pellegrino 12, Barbareschi 8, Diachkov 15, Castellani, Groppi. DNP Pagni. Coach. Cantagalli.


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