BCC Castellana Grotte: Paris 0, Moreira 13, De Togni 3, Tzioumakas 2, Canuto 8, Ferreira Costa 7, Pace (L), Cavaccini (L), Garnica 1, Cazzaniga 12, Rossatti 0, Hebda 0. N.E. Zauli, Ferraro. All. Lorizio. Wixo LPR Piacenza: Baranowicz 4, Clevenot 16, Alletti 6, Fei 2, Parodi 13, Yosifov 8, Kody 9, Manià (L), Cottarelli 0, Giuliani (L), Hershko 0. N.E. Marshall, Di Martino, Bricchi. All. Giuliani. ARBITRI: Saltalippi, Simbari. NOTE – Spettatori: 1000. Durata set: 26′, 31′, 29′; tot: 86′. MVP: Trevor Clevenot (Wixo LPR Piacenza).

Wixo LPR Piacenza clearly won at PalaFlorio in Bari versus Bcc Castellana Grotte, who fight until the end versus the favourite opponent. One of the key moves for Alberto Giuliani was to put on the court Yvan Arthur Kody in place of captain veteran Alessandro Fei, not in a good night. The cameroonian stepped up anddrove Piacenza to a couple of great plays, helping the biancorossi to win the sets, together with frenchman Trevor Clevenot, Mvp of the game with  16 points. For the home team a good game for brasilian Moreira, 13 points for him, and for Cazzaniga, 12 points. After a big streak of wins, Piacenza is one of the more exciting teams in Superleague.
MVP: Trevor Clevenot (Wixo LPR Piacenza)
Spettatori: 1000
Fernando Garnica (BCC Castellana Grotte): “Too bad for the loss, we found a tough opponent as Piacenza, they are very strong and compact. We could win one set to stretch the game, but they played very well. It’s great to play in Superleague versus these such a kind of opponents. We missed some points, we made some mistakes, and probably we were just a bit unlucky. I think we are slowly adapting to the tournament, in this season we copeted with great teams”.
Viktor Yosifov (Wixo LPR Piacenza): “I’m very happy to be back in Puglia, finding alot of friends. We knew we should pay attention to the strength of Castellana, but we took home 3 important points. They played well with Cazzaniga and Garnica and the serves of Moreira, but with Kody on the court we found the right continuity, taking home the win”.

Sir Safety Conad Perugia 18, Azimut Modena 15, Bunge Ravenna 13, Wixo LPR Piacenza 12, Cucine Lube Civitanova 12, Tonno Callipo Calabria Vibo Valentia 8, Taiwan Excellence Latina 8, Calzedonia Verona 7, Kioene Padova 7, Diatec Trentino 7, Gi Group Monza 6, Revivre Milano 5, BCC Castellana Grotte 4, Biosì Indexa Sora 1.
1 incontro in meno: Bunge Ravenna, Cucine Lube Civitanova, Calzedonia Verona; 1 Incontro in più: Wixo LPR Piacenza.
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