Acqua Maniva official water partner

New partnership established at Volleyball Bari: Acqua Maniva becomes the official supplier of the red and white association for the 2022/2023 sports season.
The alkaline mineral water, which flows from Monte Maniva in the Rhaetian Alps, will quench the thirst of the athletes of the first team and the youth sector during training and official championship competitions.
Acqua Maniva is synonymous of quality and sustainability.
Bottled in the Bagolino plant, the water that comes from the source is subjected to continuous checks that certify its purity.
With its pH8 it is a valid ally of all athletes, favoring their physical recovery after the activity carried out.
Its important properties are protected by a new packaging, respectful of the environment and expression of the green soul of the Maniva group.
The new package, called the smile box, is made in collaboration with Tetra Pak through the use of mainly plant-based materials and is fully recyclable.