Avimecc at work

While the first team under the orders of coach D’Amico and his staff, yesterday resumed training after the rest day, the management of Avimecc Volley Modica continues to work to plan the new season in every small detail, aiming a lot also in the youth sector, which over the years has “churned out” men and athletes who then made the leap into volleyball that counts.

In this sense, the leading exponents of the Modica association have formalized the technicians who will take care of the under and men’s training that will compete in the Serie C championship.

The little ones and up to the under 13 formations will be entrusted to the experience and the “protective wings” of Arianna Birolini, while the male formation that will play the Serie C championship and the rest of the under formations will be led by Manuel Benassi.

For Arianna Birolini, it is a return to Volley Modica. For many years in Modica, in fact, in the past he has already worked with excellent results with the biancoazzurra club.

“Returning to Volleyball Modica is a source of satisfaction for me – explains Arianna Birolini – in the past I have already worked with them and I think I have contributed to the relaunch of the youth sector. I love working with children and young people very much, because I think it is very different from doing it with the older ones where you have the worry of the result at all costs as it should be. In the youth sectors, I believe that the result should not be the main objective, but we must look mainly at training young people who from sport must have the input for how to behave in life in general. Playing sport – he continues – is important and everyone must have the opportunity to get involved, without any preclusion, clearly not everyone can be the champions of tomorrow, but for me, who love volleyball, being able to transmit the passion for this sport is already a great result, if we manage to “churn out” even some very good champions. I will work side by side with Manuel Benassi, a person I respect for his competence and his great availability. I will do everything to work well with this club – concludes Arianna Birolini – and I will give my best as I have always done because both me and the club believe in the youth sector and in the quality of its proposals because I am convinced that the sporting experience is a moment decisive in the growth and evolution of girls and boys for the learning of their skills and life skills “.