Cucine Lube Jersey’s numbers

Fresh from the frenzy of the three days in Bologna for the closing of the Volley Market and the presentation of the SuperLega calendars, Cucine Lube announces the jersey numbers of the Italian champions. The red and white giants did not rely only on chance when choosing the shirts made by the technical sponsor Joma, but the newcomers took the time to reflect in search of lucky combinations or recurring numbers in their lives.

The middle blocker Isac Viana Santos, who will wear the 2, reveals a romantic streak. In fact, the Brazilian athlete wanted his girlfriend’s favorite number. Ward mate Barthelemy Chinenyeze, on the other hand, will appear on the pitch wearing the number 10 shirt, following the zero to the 1 that accompanied him to Milan, but which in Civitanova is owned by Gabi Garcia Fernandez.

Hitter Mattia Bottolo opted for 21, reversing ‘his’ 12 (father’s number), already armored in red and white by central Enrico Diamantini who thus confirms a match born in the youth academy. The family tribute went to the Bulgarian Alex Nikolov, who wanted the 11th in honor of the exploits of his father Vladimir, who from number 11 bewitched the fans of Trento and Cuneo. Ward mate Mattia Gottardo was faced with a dilemma because his first choices, 3 and 7, were not available; the new European U22 champion solved by falling back on the lucky number par excellence, 13, obtained by putting a 1 in front of the 3 already occupied.

Marlon Yant has never made a secret of loving NBA basketball and being a huge fan of the holy monsters Michael Jordan and LeBron James, holding on to their 23. A choice that has paid off so far!