Giannotti in Garlasco

The veteran opposite Stefano Giannotti (Padua, 14 May 1989, 197cm) landed in Garlasco for coach Bertini.

“I enjoy a few weekends at the beach with friends waiting for the start of preparation scheduled for August 23 – explains the Venetian giant – the negotiation started with a phone call from Savino who as a former player immediately seemed like a person in hand, demonstrating at the same time great interest. The team set up more calmly than last season makes me think that I will find great enthusiasm and commitment, there are many young elements and certainly these components should not be missing “.

“Volleyball for me is still fun and passion: over the years I have built a career always appreciating the human factor and the work group. In fact we are privileged to be able to live on this: this is why for me respect for roles and professionalism comes first as values ​​to be put on the pitch, then if there is a joke to be made, I don’t hold back. I became captain in my hometown team at 27 and initially I tried to replicate what I had seen others do before me: then I realized that there are locker room men who are fundamental on the pitch, but who also know how to change the mood in the locker room with their presence. season and even he is not at first hair, we will try to give a hand to the young players. In volleyball all the gears must turn and everyone must give his best in training as in a match “.