Jersey Numbers for Brugherio

The players of Gamma Chimica Brugherio have chosen their jersey number for the next Serie A3 season which will start on Sunday 9 October with the home match against Savigliano.

We will find in the field respectively with the number 10 and the number 11 the veterans of the house Diavoli, both middle blockers, Andrea Innocenzi and Alessandro Frattini. Still in the central department, the newly arrived Pardo Mati chose number 7.

So many news in the spikers department that will take the field. Markuss Cielavs, the 4th place arrived from Latvia, will live his first experience in the Italian championship wearing the number 6 while the young guards Ichino and Carpita bring to the first team the jersey number that accompanied them on the youth path. To Tommaso Ichino the number 4 for Daniele Carpita the 12. Confirmed instead to Gabriele Chiloiro, second year of the A3 series in the ranks of Brugherio, the number 18. Luca Consonni will then challenge every superstition who chose to wear the number 17.

The libero Andrea Marini also made his choice: we will see him on the pitch with number 5.

Setters chapter: we left him wearing the number 9 here at the Devils and we find him with the number 3. This will be the jersey number chosen by the setter Jacopo Biffi, the number with which he won his second promotion in Serie A. In the wake of comrades, also the 2005 setter Giacomo Selleri inherits the number 2 from the youth teams to the first team with whom he won the two championships under 17 and under 20 last season.

Now it’s up to the opposites. Again the number 9 imprinted on the uniform of the champion of Italy and Europe Tommaso Barotto, while the newly arrived Luca Montermini will wear the number 13.