Yuri Romanò is ready

The gold medal won at the World Cup, the first official red and white moment of Yuri Romanò was held this morning at Pagani Geotechnical Equipment, the Piacenza company that has been on the market for over 40 years as a manufacturer of geology equipment , geotechnics and geophysics.

At the table of the speakers present – with the player Yuri Romanò gold medal at the recent World Cup – Edoardo Pagani owner of Pagani Geotechnical Equipment, Pietro Boselli Deputy Director General of the Piacenza Bank, Elisabetta Curti President of Gas Sales Bluenergy Volley Piacenza and Massimo Botti second coach of Gas Sales Bluenergy Volley Piacenza.

Yuri Romanò is in his first season in Piacenza.

“A lot of things go through my head – he underlines when talking about the World Cup – it was all beautiful and I still don’t realize that we have made history. We enjoyed it but now it is recovering, the beauty of sport is that it is a continuous examination, one challenge after another. The exam here in Piacenza is to confirm myself at the levels seen with the national team, I haven’t played consistently in the SuperLega yet and I have to show that I can stay there. I am expecting an intense and beautiful season, it is wonderful to work with champions that until two years ago I saw on television, we will take away some great satisfactions. With Brizard he is going well, he is a champion and we are already doing well. It will be a debut in Europe also for me at the club level, we can have our say. Did you play little in the SuperLega? There is, I have always managed to analyze it with great serenity, seen from the outside, the SuperLega is a championship different from all the others, there is that the clubs may not want to risk, Piacenza from the beginning of the negotiations has shown great attention to of me, I am convinced that with patience the opportunities come and then it is up to me to exploit them ”.

Pagani Geotechnical Equipment produces extremely specialized products, aimed at a niche market and has chosen Gas Sales Bluenergy Volley Piacenza to make its brand more visible to a more heterogeneous audience. The company is spread over a production area of ​​5000 covered square meters, the highly specialized staff performs most of the processes internally and fully assembles their products. A continuous improvement of its products aimed at simplifying the execution of tests in the field has made it possible to have almost 2000 equipment sold in 90 countries around the world, thus placing itself as a leader in the design and production of machinery for on-site geotechnical tests.