Lorenzo Giani with Brescia

The setter, now almost twenty, made his debut with Monza in the Superlega in 2019, earning his first full season in the top flight as early as 2021 with the Cisterna jersey. “In Brescia to improve approach to the match and vision of the game. Give you an excellent guide to increase my safety ”

Important news coming to the control room: Lorenzo Giani chooses Brescia to grow under the guidance of captain Tiberti! With his twenties he approaches the Tucans because he counts on a solid group, which helps him to better manage his (legitimate) frailties, especially in terms of emotional approach to the race.

“The call from Atlantis flattered me and made me very happy, especially since I will still have an expert guide in front of me – confirms Lorenzo -. Last year in Cisterna, the first in which I was fixed in a Superlega team, it was Baranowicz and I learned a lot from him. I expect to continue doing it with Tiberti too: I need to improve my vision of the game and I have to train my ability to remain lucid and determined even, and above all, when things don’t turn out the right way on the pitch. I need to have a figure of character in front of me, because I still have to work on that aspect “.

Product of the youth sector of the Vero Volley Consortium, Lorenzo, in the same year (2018), posted both the U16m championship and the Regions Trophy on the bulletin board, winning the title of best setter in both finals.

In 2019, with the same Monza shirt and against the battleship Perugia, he entered the first set and remained in the control room for the entire duration of the match, lost at the tie break, securing the title of MVP of the challenge. On the other side of the net was his idol De Cecco: “In that race everything worked … When that’s the way it is, I also take full load. I have to learn not to drop when everything is not going smoothly and the next A2 championship will be another good test for me, given the level “.

For the coach Zambonardi, Giani “He is a technically very strong setter who marries our line: perhaps he is not a warrior, but he is a humble player who thinks about working. He is used to Super League training intensity and I am sure he will be able to improve the quality of all alternative situations to Tiberti that will be offered to him ”.

Lorenzo Giani, student of food sciences and gastronomy, has recently completed his commitment in the Del Monte Junior League under the guidance of Massimo Eccheli and is now following the summer plan of the Brescia trainer Paolo Scatoli to get to the meeting in perfect shape of 18 August.