Loris Palermo still on ABBA Pineto’s bench as assistant

A very welcome confirmation for ABBA Pineto Volley. Loris Palermo, after the 2017/18 season as a Scoutman in the first season of Serie B and last season as assistant coach, will be the right arm of Mr. Giacomo Tomasello next season. Prominent and multifaceted profile, he will have the dual role of second coach and scoutman of the first team. Young but quality professional with years of experience between Serie B and Serie A2, he is ready to put his knowledge and passion for volleyball into play by working alongside coach Tomasello after the last season alongside coaches Rovinelli and Bertoli with a regency also as first coach during the bench change.

Before returning to ABBA Pineto Volley, he played in the same double role as assistant coach and scoutman in Serie A3 Credem Banca with Sabaudia. Previously in Civita Castellana in Serie B, Aversa in Serie A2 and Isernia in Serie B2.