Matteo Brignone still assistant coach

After the formation of the 22/23 roster, Volley Savigliano focuses on the staff.
Again confidence in Matteo Brignone, second coach, in his fifth white and blue season, for the first year without his “half” Roberto Bonifetto (the two were jokingly called Batman and Robin). Brignone takes the opportunity to greet and thank Bonifetto for the years spent together, for all he has managed to learn from an experienced coach like him. It will be a precious loot that he will carry with him throughout his career.
The past few years have been incredible, a crescendo until reaching the dream of Serie A, lived with special people to whom he owes a lot. Obviously a bit of regret for having vanished the salvation, the commitment was a lot and he hoped for it.
But now the page has been turned: it will all be new, players, coach, hope for another story! It will be a great challenge given the rise in the level of the category.
He has already found excellent chemistry with Simeon, they have felt a lot in the last month. He can’t wait to start with the new group in the gym but in the meantime he keeps an eye on his opponents. Better to leave prepared!