Sieco Service Ortona with Matteo Bertoli

There have been many declarations of intent after the bitter relegation of the Sieco Service Impavida Ortona to the A3 series. The extraordinary second round staged by Coach Lanci’s boys was useless and the disastrous start to the season proved to be fatal in the end.

Right from the start it was said that “the fearless does not give up” and today, we can begin to give a foundation to these rumors. The words are followed by the facts and today, Sieco announces the first brick of what will be, in the company’s intentions, a solid construction that immediately aims to do well in the next Serie A3 national championship.

We are talking about a hitter. Of an old acquaintance of the Ortonese public and who has recently gained experience in this category by dragging the Pineto cousins ​​up to the final for promotion to Serie A2. Ladies and gentlemen, Sieco embraces the hitter Matteo Bertoli.