ABBA Pineto first finalist

Semifinals Del Monte® Coppa Italia A3

Farmitalia Catania – Abba Pineto 0-3 (16-25, 20-25, 26-28) – Farmitalia Catania: Fabroni 1, Zappoli Guarienti 13, Jeroncic 7, Casaro 20, Disabato 5, Frumuselu 0, Nicotra 2, Maccarrone (L), Zito (L), Tasholli 0, Smiriglia 1. N.E. Battaglia, Fichera. All. Kantor. Abba Pineto: Paris 3, Milan 19, Bragatto 4, Link 12, Baldari 9, Basso 8, Giuliani (L), Calonico 2, Mignano 0, Merlo 2. N.E. Pesare, Fioretti, Bongiorno, Omaggi. All. Tomasello. ARBITRI: Cruccolini, Cavicchi. NOTE – durata set: 26′, 27′, 33′; tot: 86′.

In the first semi-final of Del Monte® Coppa Italia A3, Abba Pineto (second place in the White Group) beats Farmitalia Catania (before the Blue Group) with a score of 0-3, at the end of a match that lasted just over a ‘hour and a half and played at a very high level. After two partials won by a margin by the Abruzzo players (15-25, 20-25), in the third set Catania tries everything to reopen the match: the level of the game and the tension on the pitch therefore rise, with the two teams they put on a show and ignite the challenge even in the stands. In the end it was Pineto who made the set his own with a score of 26-28, thus gaining qualification for tomorrow’s final.

For today’s challenge, coach Kantor relies on the skilled hands of Fabroni, opposed to Casaro, in the band there are Zappoli and Disabato, in the center Jeroncic and Frumuselu, the libero is Zito. In the Abruzzo half, mister Tomasello responds with the setter-opposite diagonal formed by Paris and Link, the spikers are Milan and Baldari, the central players Bragatto and Basso, the libero Giuliani.

Matteo Paris (Abba Pineto): “Today was a final for us, because Catania are a formidable team, first in their group since the beginning of the championship. We played a great game in the first two sets, while in the third, when it seemed over, we had a reaction of pride, which allowed us to close it 3-0. We deserve to be in the final because ours is a young but strong team and we are making an exceptional journey, so whatever our opponents we will fight for and give our best. Today the climate in the arena was really beautiful, our fans helped us make a comeback in the third set.”
Marco Fabroni (Farmitalia Catania): “We faced a fit and very strong team, while we were guilty of inexperience, we took the field too contracted and perhaps the event played a bad joke on someone. However, I have to congratulate the guys who took over from the bench, Nicotra and Smiriglia, who played an excellent third set. Tomorrow we will try to conquer third place, then our attention will immediately return to the end of the championship and we hope to be able to achieve promotion.”

Final Four Del Monte® Coppa Italia A3

Semifinals Del Monte® Coppa Italia A3

Sabato 11 marzo 2023, ore 20.00
Maury’s Com Cavi Tuscania – Med Store Tunit Macerata

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Finals Del Monte® Coppa Italia A3

Final 3°/4° Posto Del Monte Coppa Italia A3
Domenica 12 marzo 2023, ore 15.00
Farmitalia Catania – Perdente Semifinale 2
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Finale Del Monte® Coppa Italia A3
Domenica 12 marzo 2023, ore 18.00
Abba Pineto – Vincente Semifinale 2
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