Back to PalaBarton versus Piacenza

Advance of the seventh Superlega return for Sir Safety Susa Perugia which hosts Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza tomorrow within the friendly walls of PalaBarton with kick-off and live TV on Raisport at 18:00. Tasty appetizer of what will be the semi-final of the Italian Cup in the Final Four in Rome on the weekend of 25 and 26 February.
“Tomorrow’s game is a delicate one for both teams,” said Juventus coach Andrea Anastasi. “From their point of view it’s important for the standings, for us it’s important to understand what kind of team we’ll be facing even in anticipation of the Coppa Italia. I don’t know if they will be complete in Perugia, but they are playing better and better and we have to take the match with great attention because they are finding their identity and they have extraordinary players like Brizard, one of the best setters in the world, Simon, perhaps the best central in the world, without forgetting Lucarelli, Leal, Recine. We have a lot of respect for Piacenza and we are studying it with great attention”.
After the double trip to Modena and Milan, the Block Devils find their fans in the championship at the PalaBarton, coming from seventeen consecutive victories in the Superlega and looking for, counting all the competitions, the thirty-first smile of the season. Anastasi and his staff will carefully evaluate the conditions of the boys this afternoon and tomorrow before deciding on the formation to be sent on the field initially. Probable a new turnover with the return from the first ball of Russo, Semeniuk and Rychlicki kept at rest in Milan. A 6+1 is therefore possible with Giannelli in direction, Rychlicki opposite, Russo and Flavio as central pair, Leon and Semeniuk as receivers and Colaci as libero.
Piacenza for its part presents itself in Perugia fresh from last Sunday’s success against Taranto and in the hunt for a victory that would be very important in the race for the best position in the playoff grid. Botti, coach from Piacenza, is recovering all the injured along the way and should initially take the field with the Frenchman Brizard in the control room, the blue Romanò diagonally, the Cuban ace Simon and Caneschi in the center of the net, Leal in tandem with Recine in seat four with Scanferla leading the operations on the second line.