Important game versus Savigliano

For the 6th day of return of the Girone Bianco of A3, the Med Store Tunit is called to the difficult away match of the Palazzetto dello Sport Cavallermaggiore, where on Saturday at 18 they will face Monge-Gerbaudo Savigliano. One of the most fit opponents in the championship, in 2023 he only won by overcoming Mirandola 3-1 away from home last Sunday, thus maintaining a gap of six points from Med Store Tunit, which currently occupies fourth position just behind Savigliano . Even the red and white are experiencing a positive period and want to continue winning, to find the best position in view of the play-offs and follow up on the good form expressed by the team.

Coach Gulinelli analyzes the team’s form, “Victories always help, they have given us greater awareness of our means and helped to face and resolve difficult moments during matches. The last few games have taught us this: even against Brugherio, after an excellent start, our opponents were good at coming out and putting us in difficulty but the team reacted; the boys clung to their mental resources and overcame the obstacle bringing home an important victory ”. Another difficult test awaits you on Saturday, a direct battle for third place in the standings, “We know that from the first return leg our path is made up of exams and finals, this is the approach with which we will have to face the rest of the Regular Season. It will be an important match against Savigliano, both to get closer to the podium in the championship and to continue preparing for the play-off phase, continuing to improve in our game. A good performance against Savigliano will help us acquire even greater awareness and strengthen the ability to bring home important points even when we are unable to express ourselves to the fullest, thanks to our mental strength. We can still grow on this aspect”.