Bucko doesn’t feel pressure

Connected from his country of origin, via Zoom, the Polish Bartosz Bucko officially presented himself to his new reality: the DRL Volley Team. «A top player for Serie A3 – as defined by the general manager, Franco Da Re – as well as a very serious boy. The first conversation with him had already taken place last year and now that the opportunity arose to have him with us, we seized it immediately».

DE CECCO – For his part, Bucko is enthusiastic about the choice in the Dolomites: «I like the project that Belluno is realizing. And that is based on the gradual construction of the team, with the prospect of fighting for the highest goals». The spiker has already worked together with Matteo De Cecco, the deputy of coach Gian Luca Colussi: «De Cecco is a figure with whom I have had direct contact. And that was important to me: I know he’s a reliable person. And, in a working group, trust is the key to everything».

LOCAL FOOD – The 28-year-old can’t wait to discover his new reality: «I know that Belluno is not a big city, but the region is famous for being one of the best places to live in Italy. Plus, I’m curious to try local food.” He had already been in Veneto, with the Verona shirt: «A fantastic experience, in which we won the Challenge Cup. I was very young then and could learn a lot: my role, in fact, was rather secondary. To tell you the truth, I’m sorry I didn’t stay there for another season. Also because the club was open to this possibility».

LEFT-HANDED – As an athlete, Bucko doesn’t argue: «I’m a left-handed player and several people underline that this is a positive trait. My game is more technical than physical.” Off the pitch, his passions are countless: «Apart from sport, I’m interested in the economy, investments and business in the broadest sense. In addition, I am passionate about history, especially if it is related to food. From this point of view, Italy is the perfect place to savor new flavors and leaf through the pages of history». The Polish hammer will land in the Dolomites after mid-August, in the company of his wife and one-year-old son: «I know the club has great ambitions – he concluded – but now it’s too early to define its objectives. For sure, I will give 100 percent in every match. Pressure doesn’t scare me”