Lube won over Grottazzolina

Cucine Lube Civitanova is preparing to take the field at the Eurosuole Forum for the fourth test of the preseason, the joint training with open doors scheduled for tomorrow, Friday 22 September (5pm), against the Yuasa Battery Grottazzolina, a collective of A2. This is the second Marche derby in athletic training against Massimiliano Ortenzi’s men after the 3-0 friendly win at the PalaCingolani-Pierini in Recanati. On that occasion, with Ivan Zaytsev rested as a precaution due to a muscle injury, the Bulgarian Alex Kandev, who was a guest of Lube for a few days together with two other teammates from Levski, lined up with ‘baby’ Gianluca Cremoni Sofia.

This time the Tsar is eager to take the field and challenge the former red and whites on the Yuasa Battery roster: libero Andrea Marchisio, who between 2017/18 and 2021/22 won a Club World Cup, a Champions League, three Scudetti and two Italian Cups, and the setter Manuele Marchiani, who grew up in the Lube academy, winning a Junior League and then being part of the first team group in 2010/11, the year of victory in the Challenge Cup. The opponents should present themselves at the Eurosuole Forum in full force, with the Danish opposite Rasmus Breuning Nielsen, absent in the match two weeks ago, but the absolute protagonist with 28 points in the weekly test between Grottazzolina and Ortona.

Scoreboard for the friendly match on Friday 8 September in Recanati

Cucine Lube Civitanova – Yuasa Battery Grottazzolina 3-0 (25-21, 26-24, 25-18)

CIVITANOVA: Thelle 5, Motzo 11, Bisotto (L), Zaytsev ne, Diamantini 6, Larizza 12, Cremoni 5, Giani, Giacomini ne, S. Nikolov, Kandev 9, Titriyski 1, Tenorio, Mouchlias ne. All. Blengini.

GROTTAZZOLINA: Cubito, Vecchi 1, Lusetti, Canella 5, Mattei 3, Bellomo ne, Mitkov 13, Romiti, Fedrizzi 13, Marchiani 2, Romiti (L) ne, Marchisio (L), Cattaneo 9. Coach Ortenzi

REFEREES: D’Amico and Turtù.

PARTIALS: 25-21 (23′), 26-24 (29′), 25-18 (23′). Total: 1h 15′.

NOTES: Civitanova: 12 wrong serves, 4 aces, 15 blocks, attack 41%, reception 49% (31% perfect). Grottazzolina: 13 wrong serves, 2 aces, 6 blocks, attack 44%, reception 56% (31% perfect). Spectators: 1,000.