Massimiliano Giaccardi with Perugia

Sir Safety Susa Perugia announces the arrival of Massimiliano Giaccardi in the technical staff as assistant coach.
The coach born in 1974 from Savigliano in the Cuneo area becomes part of the Sir family and the first official words as a black and white reveal all the enthusiasm for this new adventure that awaits him.
“This deal was really lightning fast,” the new Block Devils coaching staff member explains very honestly. “I was looking around, I had asked Angelo (Lorenzetti, ed) for advice on what to do. Then a few days later he called me back, he proposed this situation to me and I practically didn’t even think about it, I didn’t have any doubts. I arrive in a great company, in a great team and with a great coach. It was very easy to say yes, I am very proud of this call because it came from a club like Perugia which has shown its great value over the years. I will give my 1000% for this club.”
Thirteen years later, it was 2010, since they both worked in Piacenza, the Lorenzetti-Giaccardi pairing was formed again on the bench.
“Yes, I had already worked with Angelo in Piacenza and getting back together is incredible for me. I have great respect for Angelo, I believe that to become good coaches you need to have high-level teachers, I have had him and fortunately I will still have him. Angelo is in my opinion a coach of another category. Seeing him work you think that coaching in the Superlega is very difficult, then you also understand that not everyone is like him. We are talking about a coach of the highest level not only from a technical and tactical point of view, but also for what he puts on a human level. And this is his added value, Angelo is a man of undisputed level”.
Jacketdi’s journey has already gone through many stages. A journey that began in Romania, also passed through Umbria (in Nocera Umbra in the women’s A2 series), continued as assistant coach in the Superlega for four seasons equally divided between Piacenza and Cuneo, restarted for one season from B1 and then abroad with experiences in Greece, Qatar and Switzerland until last season as head coach in Serie A2 in Cuneo. The next stop is called Perugia.
“Perugia at the moment is an unexpected happy island. I was coming from a difficult season in Cuneo and I didn’t think I could have such an important opportunity. I hope that at the end of the year Perugia will be as happy with me as I am now with Perugia. What idea did I get from outside the team?