The end of fifth week of practice approaching the season

The fifth week of work ended yesterday for the rossoblù who will enter the “hottest” period of the pre-season from Monday.

In fact, the next events see the Ionian team engaged in another important tournament in Corigliano, Calabria, the “Codex and Del Castello Tournament”, at the PalaBrillia, with a quadrangular match together with the Bulgarians of Hebar of coach Giuliani and the former Giulio Sabbi with other well-known athletes, Baranovitz and Massari, former players of the Italian top division, then with the Superlega Cisterna volleyball team and with Omifer Palmi, a team that plays in the A3 series.

The first matches will be played on Saturday 30 September with Gioiella Prisma who will immediately clash with Hebar Pazardžik from 5pm while the finals are scheduled for Sunday 1 October.

On 7 October Gioiella Prisma will face another test match at PalaMazzola against New Mater Volley Castellana Grotte, while the following weekend, 14 and 15 October they will be on the pitch in Gubbio, on the occasion of the “Spirito di Squadra” charity tournament together to the teams of Cisterna and Padua, and of the Greek team Panathinaikos, an appointment that will precede the start of the championship on 22 October.

The statements of sporting director Mirko Corsano: “The preparation is progressing well, without any particular hitches, which is an important aspect at the beginning of the activity. The boys work with great commitment and availability. The tournaments we will face will be a good opportunity for comparison between us and the opponent and will serve to understand the physical, technical and tactical condition of the team, the group is enthusiastic and ready for these important events”.